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What can I use my NDIS Consumables budget for?

Does the NDIS cover meals?

We get asked this question a lot!

Your Plan’s Consumables budget can be used for expenses that are reasonable and necessary to manage your individual disability-related needs.

Some examples of what may be covered include:

🛍️  Everyday consumables such as continence products, enteral nutritional products, catheters and wound care.

🛁  Personal care and safety products such as low-cost assistive aids for your bathroom, bedroom or mobility, monitors and alarms, Auslan training or interpreting and low-cost AT related to vision or hearing impairment as a result of your disability.

💻  Technology devices for telehealth and cognitive assistance (note that a spend cap applies)

Consumables must be essential for your individual disability.  Therefore, items such as groceries, prescription medicines and entertainment are not eligible to be covered.

Health Assure participants can procure items from both NDIS registered and unregistered stores.  Some merchants will invoice us directly or you can make payment and seek reimbursement.

We recommend to always check with us first prior to making your purchase if you’re unsure whether an item is covered.  In some circumstances, particularly costlier items or those considered high-risk, a quote or supporting letter from your therapist may be required.

The NDIS can cover meal preparation and delivery services for individuals with disabilities, but not the costs of ingredients or groceries.  Certain meal providers, like Lite n Easy, may be eligible for coverage.  Meal delivery services offer increased independence, convenience, diverse nutrition options and improved safety.  Here are some fast facts on this hot topic:

🍽️ The NDIS can cover up to 70% of the cost of having meals prepared or delivered, but not the cost of ingredients.

🛒 Grocery expenses are generally not covered by the NDIS, though assistance with cooking might be funded.

🚚 Delivery from large supermarkets might be covered, aiding those with mobility challenges.

🍔 Services like Uber Eats and Menulog are NOT covered, but providers like Lite n Easy could be eligible if they detail costs clearly.

🥗 Meal delivery services offer increased independence, time-saving convenience, diverse dietary options, and improved safety.

📋 Self-managed and plan-managed participants can choose non-registered providers, while agency-managed participants choose from approved providers.

✅ Approved NDIS meal providers include Lite n Easy, Dineamic, Able Foods, I Hate Cooking, and Workout Meals.

If unsure, contact the NDIA to review your NDIS plan inclusions and remember, the team at Health Assure Plan Management are here to help answer any of your Plan-related questions so don't hesitate to contact us.  

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