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Partners & Providers.

Working with Health Assure Plan Management saves you time and money.

We understand that your time is valuable.  You won't get passed around from department to department to find an answer.  We're a small business, just like many of you.

Our advanced and user-friendly portal allows clients real-time access to see their budget and for Support Coordinators, there is a unique login for you so that you can view all your participants at once.

The BEST thing about partnering with us is that we pay you faster than larger corporate Plan Managers.

We are here to help you so that you can continue to support your wonderful clients who are also our wonderful clients!

For speedy payment, please forward all invoices directly to and ensure that they include the following information:

•    Business name
•    ABN
•    Email address
•    Phone number
•    Business bank account details
•    Participant’s full name 
•    Participant’s NDIS number
•    Invoice number (must be unique)
•    Invoice date
•    Dates of supports / services provided
•    Description of supports / services provided
•    NDIS support code/line-item number
•    Quantity of hours
•    Hourly rate (not to exceed NDIS Price Guide)
•    Individual line price and GST rate (indicate where GST free)
•    Total amount

Click here for our provider info sheet

Click here for our suggested invoice template

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